Owner and resident artist, London Reese, has worked, relentlessly, for the better part of the past decade to share his art with the world. He has traveled the globe to study and create fine art and tattoos. He has, quite literally, made his mark tattooing thousands of people from all walks of life, from every corner of the planet. Extensive traveling, however; is a beautiful reminder that home is where the heart is. After an inspiring decade of tattooing and travel, London knew that it was time to open his own studio; near his home and family, where it all began. He finally decided to stake his claim near the Pacific Ocean, not far from where he grew up, in Orange County, California. He knew that he wanted to create a place where fine art and tattoos could be created without any limitations. His goal was to build a true sanctuary for the arts; somewhere where progressive art, free thought, and positive action could all flourish. This studio is a reflection of his passion for fine art, friends & family, rock and roll, the ocean, and legacy.

     The Black Lantern is located on the gorgeous Southern California coast, in the foggy little beach town of Dana Point. The studio is nestled on the cliffs of the downtown "Lantern District", overlooking the Dana Point Harbor, just off the world famous, Pacific Coast Highway 1. The Black Lantern houses an ever-changing collection of fine art and is also home to world renowned artists; known for their exceptional & award winning artwork. The Black Lantern is more than a fine art & tattoo studio. It is sacred ground. It is our home away from home. It is our light in all of life's proverbial darkness. It is our sanctuary.

Welcome to The Black Lantern.